Factors to a Successful & Effective Pest Control Treatment

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For over 10 years, Reliance Pest Management has built a reputation for providing its clients with the highest quality, safe and effective pest control services, especially in Bondi, Maroubra, and Coogee area. Our vast knowledge, techniques and experience in the pest control industry differentiate us from our competition.
So, what steps do we take to ensure a successful and effective pest control treatment is carried out?

The Use of Quality Branded Pesticides, NOT Cheaper Generic Alternatives

We utilise only the highest quality, branded and trusted products available on the market. Generic branded products claim to be identical as the branded products as they often contain the same active ingredient, strength and dosage amount. However, the generic alternatives do not contain the same INACTIVE ingredients as the branded products thus compromising the overall performance, quality and longevity of the product. Generic products are a cheaper, cost cutting alternative to branded products making them a popular choice for companies aiming to reduce their overheads. We only use the highest quality, trusted and branded products for best results and your peace of mind.

Alternating Treatment Products

Studies have proven that insects can build a tolerance and become immune to the active constituent in a pesticide when applied repeatedly to an area over an extended period. Reliance Pest Management alternates it's treatment products on a regular basis which contain different active ingredients. This process increases the likelihood of breaking the insect reproductive cycle and reduce tolerance, achieving effective long term results.

Modern Application Equipment

The use of quality, professional application equipment is extremely important for the consistent and accurate placement of a treatment product. A pesticide, if applied incorrectly can render useless! Our equipment is updated and serviced regularly, ensuring reliability, safety and precise application.

Up to Date Training & Courses

All Reliance Pest Management technicians are qualified, licensed and certified. Assessments are carried out by our technicians on a regular basis, refreshing their skills and gaining advanced knowledge of new product releases and news in the pest control industry.

Thorough Inspections & Treatments

What? Did you say, over an hour to treat my property??? The last pest control company I used sprayed my house in 15 minutes...Wow!! Reliance Pest Management is renowned for providing its clients with a premium pest control service. We do not set deadlines or time limits for our technicians to carry out a service and yes, we do take longer than 15 minutes to treat a property! In fact, an average single story home generally takes one and a half hours to treat. We take pride in our work and the results speak for themselves! Don't settle for anything less!

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