German Cockcroaches in Apartments

sydney german cockroaches in apartment

It's another one of those sticky hot Summer nights in Sydney and you can't seem to get any sleep. You jump out of bed and head to the kitchen for a drink. You flick on the lights, and to your surprise an army of tiny Cockroaches scatter in all directions running for cover! Am I dreaming? Am I sleep walking? Am I seeing things? You grab a flash light and start investigating further, opening cupboards, drawers and shifting appliances. They're everywhere! It's at this point you realise that you are dealing with a serious Cockroach Infestation. You identify the species to be German Cockroaches.

How do I deal with a German Cockroach Infestation?

CALL A PROFESSIONAL: It is important to call upon a sydney professional pest controller to carry out a treatment as they have an extensive knowledge on Cockroach behavior and environments throughout your home in which they can thrive. Specialised application equipment is used to access concealed harborage areas and the use of professional grade products provide effective long term protection and control.

HYGENE: Regular sanitation and cleanliness around the home is an important factor in helping reduce cockroach population. Rubbish should be disposed of frequently, exposed food scraps should be removed, lids kept on bins, food products placed in sealed packaging, dishes washed and areas with excessive moisture build up kept dry.

LEAKS: Leaking taps, and plumbing should be repaired by a professional as Cockroaches require a constant moisture source to survive.

CRACKS AND CREVICES: All open cavities, cracks and crevices throughout the property should be sealed to eliminate potential cockroach harborage areas and entry points.

Cockroaches carry a variety of diseases and are even known for causing asthmatic reactions. Don't wake up in a panic this summer! Call Reliance Pest Management NOW to find out more about how we can protect your family and home from the risk of pest entry and infestation. Phone: (02) 9344 9961 today for Bondi, Maroubra, Coogee and Sydney wider area.