Factors to a Successful & Effective Pest Control Treatment

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For over 10 years, Reliance Pest Management has built a reputation for providing its clients with the highest quality, safe and effective pest control services, especially in Bondi, Maroubra, and Coogee area. Our vast knowledge, techniques and experience in the pest control industry differentiate us from our competition.
So, what steps do we take to ensure a successful and effective pest control treatment is carried out?
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German Cockcroaches in Apartments

sydney german cockroaches in apartment

It's another one of those sticky hot Summer nights in Sydney and you can't seem to get any sleep. You jump out of bed and head to the kitchen for a drink. You flick on the lights, and to your surprise an army of tiny Cockroaches scatter in all directions running for cover! Am I dreaming? Am I sleep walking? Am I seeing things? You grab a flash light and start investigating further, opening cupboards, drawers and shifting appliances. They're everywhere! It's at this point you realise that you are dealing with a serious Cockroach Infestation. You identify the species to be German Cockroaches.

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